Treerific...yes, I went there...sorry.

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Copper Hues & Delightful Greens...



Wooden Wonderings...

So, I have the chance to start creating anything I want, anything at all... and what do I choose? An artwork to adorn my son's wall... Can anyone say sucker?

The tree will meander up the wall and arch over and across some of the ceiling and the man-hole in the ceiling; effectively camouflaging the entrance.

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The Green Fairy...

She is drawn with the cheapest, nastiest, but-oh-so-effective, coloured pencils that I could find (for $2, thank you very much!). Layering the pencil and burnishing the final layer with the white pencil, made the face develop a kind of glow. Excellent technique!

Half-finished works, from before the pregnancy bomb...

Finding so many half-finished art pieces, completely forgotten & neglected whilst I was pregnant (I couldn't create any of my usual stuff as I use some pretty heavy duty chemicals!!), was like experiencing Christmas as a little kid, all over again; so excited to get started!


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Utopian Pursuits a.k.a. My New Art Studio...

With the new baby, came the need for a new space to house my chaos (oh, woe is me...); so, I have an amazing new studio! I'm so in love with it & can't wait to start creating stuff & things in my new space.

So, I'm back; I've been gone quite a while & I would like to introduce you to the reason for this absence... Atreju, my son.

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